Plan ahead for study abroad on spring break and summer 2021

Check out the short-term study abroad programs coming up for Spring Break and Summer 2021. Now is a great time to plan ahead! ALL programs fulfill your AUGSBURG EXPERIENCE requirement, as well as other classes! Check out the options in these great locations:

—NEW YORK CITY— Roots to Rap: Islam in America – spring break HIS 195 (Humanities)

—GUATEMALA— Faith, Vocation, and Social Change – spring break RLN 409 (Search for Meaning II) or RLN 480 (Keystone for some majors)

—MINNESOTA— Dakota and Ojibwe Spaces of Environmental Activism & Sovereignty – Spring Time 2 AIS 305 (elective) or ANT 295 (elective)

—CUBA— Community, Arts, and Culture in Cuba – Summer THR 295 (Fine Arts)

—GERMANY— Science and Religion in Germany – Summer REL 205 (Search for Meaning II) and/or CHM 102 (Lab Science) or SCI 490 (Keystone for Science majors)

—ITALY— Sustainability and Food Justice in Italy & the US – Summer HIS 170 (Humanities) or HIS 440 (elective) and ENV/INS 292