Augsburg University Event Cancellations Update

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On Monday, March 16 the Minnesota Department of Health shared new measures to slow the spread of COVID-19—and as those guidelines remain in place—University Events has been working with our campus partners to address bringing Augsburg events into compliance.

So far, as of Tuesday night, we’ve contacted all event hosts with events more than 50 people through April 18 and some—for which event hosts reached out to us proactively—for later in April. We expect to reach many more event hosts during the day today. If you are hosting an event please know you can independently cancel your event. If you decide to cancel your event please notify your planner so they can assist with navigating the cancellation.

There are three alternatives we are discussing with event hosts:

1. Live Stream / Video Conference (or other alternate modality) – Some events can be conducted online, via conference call, or in other ways that do not require face-to-face interaction.

2. Postpone – For events that will be postponed, we are asking event hosts to hold off on rescheduling for specific future dates at this time. Augsburg will be monitoring the situation and University Events will be in touch with updates about rescheduling.

3. Cancel – Many events won’t be able to be rescheduled for a number of reasons.

We are asking event hosts to update the University Calendar to reflect the cancellation or postponement of their event. If assistance is needed please contact your planner.

We know that many of these cancellations, postponements, and adjustments are and will be disappointing for our campus community, the event hosts, other participants, and our valued community partners. We share in that sorrow, but also know that all of us are doing what we must to promote good health and protect the most vulnerable within our community and among our neighbors.

Please reach out to your assigned event planner or me with questions or concerns.


Sarah Cash-Darvell