Packages on Campus

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If you had a package delivered during spring break or have something that will be delivered to campus and you are either not planning on returning to campus due to COVID-19 we have a couple ways to resolve this.

1. We can return the package to the sender as unclaimed which should result in a refund of your purchase or a message from the sender.
2. If your package was shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS) we ARE able to forward your package if you provide us an address to send it to.
3. If your package was shipped via UPS, FedEx, Amazon or other carrier there is no included forwarding so we would have to send it via UPS. Prices range from $4-$25 depending on how fast you would like to ship/weight/size. We can take card #’s over the phone if you would like to use this option.

Please let us know when you or someone in your department will be in and we will deliver in that time. Otherwise feel free to pick up your package if you will be around. If neither of those options work refer to the student package guide above.

Thank You
Central Services Staff