Update on Academic Internships and Augsburg Experience

submitted by tilton@augsburg.edu

The Strommen Center has been in communication with the Registrar, Academic Deans, and Chief Student Success Officer to create a plan to accommodate students during this unusual circumstance and to honor the work they have already put into their internships. An email has been sent to all Faculty Supervisors of students currently completing internships.

As you are aware, we recognize that students are likely to be nervous about their futures, including what is happening with internships that they are currently registered for.

On Friday, March 20th we emailed all students who are currently registered for an academic spring internship or a 0 – credit Augsburg Experience. The message in the email included the following text:

In this time of uncertainty, we want you to know that we are here to support you in completing your spring internship.

Since you are registered for a spring internship, the University wants you to know that if your internship site is closed or you are no longer able to meet your hours because of issues related to the coronavirus, Augsburg will honor the work you have already completed.

Please work with your faculty supervisor to determine what needs to happen for credit to be granted. Any student who was using their internship to meet the Augsburg Experience requirement will be granted Augsburg Experience.

For those students that are able to continue to work at their internship you should complete your commitment.

If you have questions, please contact Sandy Tilton, Employer Relations & Operations Associate at 612-330-1472 or email strommen.internships@augsburg.edu