Teaching Tip Tuesday: Guidelines for Adopting Publisher Content

submitted by maherk@augsburg.edu

CTL is focusing on accessibility for March! Although we are all committed to ensuring our teaching is accessible for all students, it’s often hard to know exactly what we need to be on the lookout for. One basic area that’s often overlooked is whether or not the textbook and/or web resources you require for your class meet basic accessibility requirements (publishers, unlike Augsburg, are not required to meet federal ADA guidelines). How can you find that out? Well, that’s the tricky part!

To help Augsburg faculty make decisions about required materials for their courses, the IT Accessibility Committee is drafting some Guidelines for Adopting Publisher Content to help you ask the right questions of your publisher representatives! Although this is still a work-in-progress as a process is developed, the information here can be used RIGHT NOW as you are selecting your content for next semester and submitting that information to the bookstore.

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“Guidelines for Adopting Publisher Content”