Support for Augsburg Family after Parents’ Deaths

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As the Site Director of Augsburg’s CGEE-Mexico I want to thank the entire Augsburg community for sharing your condolences with the family of Augsburg-Mexico employees Moises Rios (50) & Isabel S├ínchez (48), a married couple who died of COVID-19 just over 2 weeks ago. Since many of you have asked how you could support the Rios-Sanchez family, including 11-year-old Sliri (pronounced “Es-leer-y”), I want to announce the launching of a GoFundMe campaign:

This fundraising campaign was organized by Mary Laurel True, who participated in Augsburg’s first semester program in Mexico in 1979, and four other former CGEE-Mexico students who studied here, as well as myself. Our initial goal is to raise US $15,000 to support the family. 25% of the funds raised will be dedicated to Sliri’s education since there is no longer public education here in Mexico. Therefore, we want to make sure that she is able to go to high school and college, which was her parents’ dream – that she be the first in the family to graduate and attend college. “Maybe Augsburg,” Isabel used to say with a shy smile. Thank you again for your empathy & generosity, Ann