Updates from the Academic Affairs Committee

submitted by maherk@augsburg.edu

Here are the recent approvals from the Academic Affairs Committee:

*COM 281 was approved to become an upper-division course. It will not be COM 301.
*RLN 397: Part of a track where students will complete their B.A. and M.Div. in five years. They will enroll in a 3 credit course for a 15 week paid internship.
*ENL 223: Makes this course an LAF that satisfies a Humanities requirement in the core curriculum.
*URGO Policy Proposal: Reduces the number of hours required for the AE (through the URGO program) from 100 to 80.
*PSY 100: A new non-major GenEd LAF topics course that can be paired with AugSem sections.
*ART 220: Have observed a Screen Printing course as a special topic, and it is now a permanent course.
*Registrar/Advising Policy Proposal: Allows students to retake topics classes with different titles to replace a previously taken course.
*ACA 100: This class supports a population of our first-year class transition to Augsburg.
*PHI 295: Adds a course description to the catalog and ask for approval as a Humanities LAF course.

The committee is also working on a policy around requirements for a Minor. In addition, they heard updates from the TEL subcommittee, who is working on a proposal to become a standing committee. TEL also recommended a suspension in necessary review of Hybrid/Asynchronous delivery throughout the summer/fall.

Information about AAC can be found at https://inside.augsburg.edu/facultysenate/aac/. You will find meeting minutes, proposal information, and spreadsheet that tracks all of the AAC approvals. This tracking spreadsheet is also linked below.

AAC Tracking Spreadsheet