“Let’s Tell Our Stories: A Professional Publishing and Editing Presentation”

submitted by fullardj@augsburg.edu

This event aims to give students a look into the world of publishing and editing, more specifically the importance of diversity and equity within the industry. Guest speaker, Christine Ha, and board members from Thó Wiŋ Magazine will be giving a presentation about the publishing and editing industry and the importance of telling diverse stories. The Thó Wiŋ Magazine board members connect more specifically to Thó Wiŋ Magazine and their goals at Augsburg; Christine Ha will share her experiences with the local publishing community and her hopes as an individual for the broader industry.
This event will be taking place on Thursday, December 2 starting at 4pm in the Oyate Commons.
FREE FOOD and Thank-you Gifts will be available. On a first come first serve basis and you must be present until the end to receive our Thank-you gifts.

Let’s Tell Our Stories