Questions about your W-2? Here’s Where You Can Find Them

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Current Employees can access W2 and Payslips through Agresso Web!

1. Login to Inside Augsburg, click Administrative Tasks > Agresso Web.
2. Login with your Augsburg Username, Domain=AD, and Password
3. Click Documents
Note: you may be asked to Allow Popups for if you have not done so already
4. Click the W2 or the Payslip year folder. Documents will be available as PDF downloads

Current Students can access their W2s through Records and Registration!

1. Login to Inside Augsburg, click Records & Registration
2. Click Student Employment Records
3. Look for the Payslip / IRS Form W-2. Choose View/Download PDF

Request a copy of 2021 W2s
W2 forms were mailed to all current and former employees on January 28, 2022. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. You may request a copy of your 2021 W2.

Reminder, our Human Resources Website is meant to be a resource for all of your initial questions!

– Your Human Resources and Payroll Team

Human Resources Website – Payroll Tab