Get Paid Experience for a Career in Marketing, Business, Media, or Communication

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Augsburg’s marketing and communication team is searching for a motivated student who wants to get hands-on experience in writing, editing, and marketing.

This could be a good fit for you if you’re:
* A communication studies major with a focus in journalism and/or new media
* A business degree with a focus in marketing
* An English major with a focus on creative writing or media writing

Learn more about the marketing assistant copywriter position and apply today.;jsessionid=CE4AFB38569044D320F20FD7D516061A;jsessionid=4A0DA555F6DF6FABD30D8FE57AA31FCD;jsessionid=17B42A9E0F83E2181FF3A532EE09DFE7?JOBID=137195