Ramadan and Augsburg Religious Holidays Policy

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Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, and the holy month of fasting began on April 2 and runs until May 2 this year. During Ramadan, Muslims refrain between dawn and dusk from all food and drink. After the sunset prayer, Muslims gather in their homes or mosques to break their fast with a meal called ifṭār that is often shared with friends and extended family. There are additional prayers offered at night called the tawarīḥ prayers, preferably performed in congregation at the mosque.

Faculty are encouraged to be mindful of how fasting and extra prayers may affect your students who are observing Ramadan. Faculty should work with students regarding finals. Some students might want to take their exams earlier day rather later the day, and students should have options To support faculty in accommodating the religious practices and commitments of our students, Augsburg has established procedures to be followed by students: students are responsible for notifying their instructors of a planned absence due to an observance and/or holiday.

Students are expected to formally notify their instructors at least two weeks in advance that they will miss class in order to observe a religious holiday. Students are to complete the Religious Observance Notification Form. https://cm.maxient.com/reportingform.php?AugsburgUniv&layout_id=7

The Religious Observance Notification Form must be submitted online. It is routed to the faculty member faculty member and the University Pastors in the Campus Ministry Office. Should either of these parties raise questions about the request, they will contact the student or the faculty member’s academic dean.
The complete Religious Holiday Procedure can be found at Interfaith at Augsburg.

Religious Holiday Procedure