Beyond Augsburg

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Hi everyone,

EAC is proud to announce that we will be launching Beyond Augsburg!

Need an eco-friendly way to get to the Grocery Store? Learn to use public transit as a group. Join us this weekend Saturday, April 16th from 10:30-3:30pm. We intend to meet at Oren Gateway before we go to East Village!

We will also leave together at 3:00 pm and arrive back on campus around 3:30. Bring your own bags! If you’d prefer, you can also leave earlier on your own with your new bussing knowledge handy.

The purpose of this event is to teach the Augsburg community how to use the public transit as well as solve the transportation issue that a lot of Augsburg residents have. We can make an environmental impact as a group. Let’s find out how to use our Auggie Passes.

Thank you in advance for joining us! ☺️

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