Earth Week 2022 Summit Free

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In celebration of the 52nd Earth Day, several Minnesota colleges and universities are collaborating to present a virtual week-long summit (4/16-4/24). How do we begin to heal from so much personal and global trauma? How do we look ahead with hope for future generations? Mother Earth knows the answer. We just need to be better listeners. We need to remember how to listen with our heart.

Beginning Saturday, April 16th and continuing through Sunday, April 24th, we will explore and honor our relationship with the land, our communities, and each other through a series of engaging presentations, discussions, film screenings, music, and activities. Inspired by diverse voices striving for justice, we remind ourselves of the importance of equitable solutions, both systemic and individual, that lift up all present and future human and more-than-human relatives. Caring for Mother Earth is caring for all of us.

Register via the link below for EARTH WEEK 2022 (Free!) to receive a Zoom passcode, which will gain you access to every Earth Week 2022 event. Most events will be held virtually though some will be offered in person. Zoom links are available on each event page. In person locations will be indicated.

Specific Augsburg-sponsored events at this summit include:
Tuesday 4/19 12-1pm BIPOC Career Stories in Minnesota
Tuesday 4/19 1-2pm Climate Anxiety
Wednesday 4/20 12-1pm BIPOC Career Stories from Across the Country
Thursday 4/21 12-1pm Job Tips & Opportunities for BIPOC Students from Minnesota DNR

More information on the summit, can be found here:

Register for the Earth Week 2022 Summit here!