Last chance to Nominate Yourself or your Colleague for Staff Senate

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The deadline to nominate yourself and your colleagues for the three open positions on the Staff Senate is quickly approaching, Tuesday, April 26! Here are some fast facts and reasons you might find helpful when deciding if you’d like to run or nominate others to run:

1. Another way to increase your professional development, personal growth, and to connect with the Augsburg community!
2. A great way to serve Augsburg and change of pace from your regular responsibilities.
3. Represent your staff, of course!
4. A chance to work with staff from other departments and divisions!

1. Collaboratively set goals with the Staff Senate at the beginning of each new school year to reflect the current senate members.
2. Engage in staff community building.
3. Promote positive staff morale and address concerns expressed by staff members about equity, inclusion, health, and safety.
4. Plan and host monthly and annual events and recognition for Augsburg Staff.

Nominate yourself and your colleagues here!