Special Topics Courses: Film Directing and Editing

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If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to direct films or edit them, we have some new classes in the Fall you might like.

FLM 295: Topics: Editing 2 cr.
Learn how to edit with Adobe Premiere Pro! This is a 2 credit course open to anyone!

FLM 495: Topics: Directing for Cinematic Storytelling
Taught by Raven Johnson, a filmmaker-in-residence, you will learn how to direct films! From shots to scenes to everything in between! If you have at all thought about making a movie, this class is for you. It’s helpful to have taken Film 180 or another film class, but it isn’t required. From camera-placement and movement to shaping an actor’s performance and communicating cinematic mood and tone, you will work to develop your own directing skills as you learn the elements, techniques, and methods for working with actors and film crews.

FLM 495: Topics: Movies That Matter
Uncle Ben told Spiderman that “with great power comes great responsibility”. Moving pictures have the power to influence politics, change industry, impact culture, spur social movements, change laws, and write history. In this course, you will watch films, assess their meaning and impact, and engage in topical discussions around cinematic techniques, cultural values, and film theories. Note: The focus of each Movies That Matters course will be centered on the interests and expertise of the professor. Examples include: women directors, BIPOC film, animation, sci-fi, and yes, super-heroes. This particular course will focus on women directors.

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