Before Your Spring 2023 Courses Begin (Part 2)

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In preparation for Spring semester your E-learning team is here to help you remember some key “to do’s’” before Spring 2023 courses begin.

1) We recommend that you send a friendly welcome email/announcement to students enrolled in your class about a week before the start of your class. This email could include: course syllabus and schedule; class modality reminder (on-campus, hybrid, online); Zoom link; required books; and information about starting course. NOTE: Announcement emails do not get sent to students if your course is hidden, so be sure to make your course visible to students before posting in the Announcements forum.

2) Confirm all CLASS support is identified and prepared for (i.e. captioning). CLASS can be contacted at You can find more information in the link below:

3) You have access to resources like Moodle 101, 102, and 201 which will help inform you and revitalize your Moodle skills. You can find these under “My courses” on Moodle.

4) Check out other ways to leverage Moodle through the link below:

For additional help, contact your LFC or IDT (Instructional Design Technologist).