Options for Backing up Files

submitted by slettens@augsburg.edu

Having an option (or two) for backups is essential to ensure that you don’t lose your hard work if your hard drive fails, lose your device, have your device stolen, or get a malware infection that takes your files hostage.

Below we will provide some options for backing up files. Please feel free to contact your LFC or IDT at any time for further support with any of these options

1) Back up to Google Drive. All faculty, staff, and students are provided with Google Drive associated with their Augsburg email address. In general, using this as a tool when creating and working on files instead of working and saving directly from the desktop works very well. The files will save to the drive automatically and can be accessed through any device (personal computer, phone, instructor computer in the classroom, etc.)

Download Drive for desktop here: https://www.google.com/drive/download/

2) Use Facstaff and Orgs for file storage. Refer to the weekly eLearning update for more information on how to set this up, or make an appointment with your LFC to set up this option.

3) Make use of other external devices, such as an external hard drive or flash drive. Refer to the eLearning update for more information.

NOTE: this is a *condensed* version of the weekly eLearning update we email directly to all faculty.

For additional support, contact your LFC or Instructional Design Technologist.