Weekly eLearning Update: Basic Troubleshooting Instructions

submitted by slettens@augsburg.edu

This week’s eLearning Update covers some Basic Troubleshooting instructions including restarting your computer, trying a different browser, clearing your cache/cookies, and reporting to your LFC or IDT if the problem is not fixed.

1) Restart your computer
A slow running computer can be an indication that memory is limited and needs to be released. A simple restart refreshes all the system memory registers making them ready to start over. If your computer is restarted on a more consistent basis it will keep it running optimally over time.

2) Try a different browser
The security updates alone are reasons you should always make sure you are using the latest version of your browser. Outdated versions of web browsers can open serious security flaws that allow malicious websites to read your files, steal passwords, and infect your computer.

3) Clear your cache/cookies from all time
If you clear your browser’s cache and temporary internet files regularly, this helps your computer or device run optimally—and doing so can help fix certain problems, like a website loading slowly, or formatting issues on a web page. Here are two brief videos, provided by Nathan Lind, LFC, that provide details on how to clear your cache/cookies on two of the most common browsers.

How to clear Chrome cache/cookies.

How to clear Firefox cache/cookies.

4) Report to LFC if still not fixed
In case the above do not do the trick, report your computer issue to your LFC or IDT. Remember to include the following information:

What is happening (error message language, behavior)
Where it is happening (what course or file specifically)
When it started
What you have tried so far
Urgency level

Of course, if you experience any issues as you troubleshoot your computer, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are always here to help!

For additional support, contact your LFC or Instructional Design Technologist.