Auto Thefts on the Rise in Minneapolis 1st Precinct

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In the first month of 2023 there have been 700 auto thefts, 33 car jackings and 260 thefts from motor vehicles in the Minneapolis 1st Precinct. Per the Minneapolis Police, many of these vehicles were stolen with a key or fob left in the vehicle, or when the vehicle was left running and unoccupied. Even for vehicles with fobs instead of keys, the vehicle can still be stolen and driven until it is shut off or runs out of gas.

You can help prevent auto thefts from occurring on our campus!
– Be aware of your surroundings
– Shut off your vehicle, lock the doors and take your key/fob with you – ALWAYS!
– Do not leave valuables, bags, backpacks, or similar items in plain view within your vehicle
– If possible, take extra measures to safe guard your vehicle(s), such as installing an alarm system or steering wheel locking device

By always following the tips above, even when using parking ramps or private garages, you reduce the risk of having your vehicle damaged or stolen.

Always report any suspicious activity immediately to the Department of Public Safety by calling 612-330-1717, or by using the Campus Shield safety app.