PASU and Pan-Afrikan Student Services Mural

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To honor Pan-Afrikan Student voices black identifying students are invited to collaborate and work on a mural. We will create purposeful artwork that embodies student-centered perspectives through visual narratives created by the Pan-Afrikan students. The aim is to connect Pan-Afrikan students by acknowledging their voices, contributions, and existence in the Augsburg University community. Please join Pan-Afrikan Student Services and PASU as we create and connect with one another!

There will be a week of art workshops from February 6th – 10th from 5 pm- 7 pm in Oyate Commons (basement of Christensen Center)

Here are some things that will be covered:
• A history of muralism which will include art making.
• Conversations on Art and activism which will include an art-making workshop
• Learning about and prepping material, tools, and processes workshop
• Strategic planning and mural design workshop
• Student mural creation and art-making workshop(s)