Weekly eLearning Update and Upcoming Workshop on Wednesday

submitted by slettens@augsburg.edu

This week’s update focuses on how to report a suspicious email as a phishing scam, some quick tips to improve your web browsing experience, how to leverage dictation to write your emails with your voice, and an upcoming training with LFC Nathan.

1) Reporting phishing emails

What can you do when you receive emails that are designed to trick you into giving up your information or account access, such as an urgent request to verify your password, fill in a Google Doc, or confirm an unfamiliar purchase? Gmail offers an option to report a suspicious email as a “phishing” attempt.

To report an email as phishing, follow these steps: On a computer, go to Gmail, open the message, Next to Reply, click More, and click Report phishing.

2) Leveraging dictation in webmail

If you would like to save time and protect yourself from repetitive stress injuries, consider using dictation in Gmail:



Efficiency Tips Crash Course with Nathan

Time: Wednesday, Feb 22, 2023 at 11am-12pm and 3pm-4pm


Topics: Browser tips; searching tips; Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive/Docs with a surprise Moodle/Google combo bonus tip at the end

NOTE: This will be a fast-paced session designed to give you a brief overview, but we will gladly schedule a follow-up Zoom 1-1 with anyone who wants individualized help to dig deeper into any of the tips and tricks we cover.

For additional support, contact your LFC or Instructional Design Technologist.