KFAI Black Herstory/AfroFutures Month With 25 Hours of All Black Programming on February 25

submitted by gilmerje@augsburg.edu

KFAI observes Black Herstory/AfroFutures Month with 25 hours of all Black programming on 90.3FM and kfai.org on February 25, 2023

Black community members are invited to call the voice note line and leave a response to one of the following prompt questions. Their response will be recorded and aired in year-round observances of Blackness and during programming on Feb 25th.

Voice Note Line: (612) 887-5070


-Which resonates with you more: Black History or Black Futures Month? Why?

-What exactly matters to you about Black Life?

-What is the most underrated moment in Black History?

-What does the AfroFuture look like to you?

-Black History is made everyday. What happened today?

-What Black Ancestor are you honoring today?

-Who are the young, gifted and Black mentors of the AfroFuture?

-Tell a story about what you were doing during an important event in Black History

-When did you start being proud to be Black?

-Who is the greatest Black performer/visual artist/athlete/politician/person in your opinion?

-Who is a Black queer and/or trans person you admire and why?

-Tell a story about Black history or Black futures in the Twin Cities/Minnesota

–Create your own prompt and call in!

For programming schedule and more info on KFAI’s Black Herstory/AfroFutures Month – 25 hours of all Black programming on February 25, 2023, you can visit kfai.org/bfm23