Editors Needed for Decision Day – Hosted by Thó Wiŋ Magazine

submitted by haydenc@augsburg.edu

Hello Auggies!

We are in need of editors to help us decide what pieces to include in this year’s edition of Thó Wiŋ Magazine! Please join us for Decision Day on Tuesday, February 28th at 5 pm in the Auggie Room (we will provide snacks and refreshments)!

We have just over 40 submissions across multiple categories such as poetry, screenplay excerpts, short stories, visual arts, and more. We would love to have as many opinions as possible from the Augsburg community to help us decide what we will be publishing this year. You can help us with all the categories or just a few– whatever works best for you!

If you wish to participate, please email the board with what categories you’d like to look at and we can send you the pieces to review. Our email is twmagazine@augsburg.edu. If you want to help curate our magazine but you cannot attend Decision Day, we would still appreciate your help and you can send us any responses you have.

Thank you! We’ll hope to see you there.
Corey Hayden and Jack Jensen
TWM Co-Lead Editors