Support East Phillips and Little Earth in Their Fight to Defend the Depot

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Support East Phillips and Little Earth in their fight to Defend the Depot!

In The South Minneapolis neighborhood of East Phillips, on Dakota territory, there is a building known as the “Roof Depot.” Community members, and especially those living at the Little Earth housing complex, want to turn it into a community center and indoor farm, with rooftop solar. The city of Minneapolis wants to demolish it, to build a highly polluting truck yard and diesel fueling station.

A court has issued a 2-week injunction (temporary restraining order) against the demolition, which was scheduled to begin on February 28th. While the fight is far from over, this is a major win, which would not have been possible without all the incredible organizing and leadership shown by the East Phillips and Little Earth communities, in solidarity with communities far beyond. One of the conditions of the injunction is that EPNI (East Phillips Neighborhood Institute) must pay a $10,000 bond. You can donate here:

To learn more, visit their website and follow them on Instagram @defendthedepot for updates!