Attention Hyundai and Kia Owners

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Augsburg has experienced a number of attempted and completed auto thefts on our campus. Almost all of these incidents involved either Kia or Hyundai vehicles. This is consistent with a trend that has been occurring within the City of Minneapolis as well as across the country. We strongly encourage owners of these makes of vehicles to take extra precautions. Use of a steering wheel lock or other anti- theft device is recommended. Such devices are available on-
line and at many auto part stores. We also suggest Hyundai and Kia owners check with their dealerships to see if there are any recalls or software upgrades available for their vehicle.

The incidents that have occurred on campus and in the surrounding community are under investigation by the Minneapolis Police. Augsburg Department of Public Safety continues to patrol the campus to both deter and detect criminal and/or suspicious activity. We urge anyone who observes suspicious behavior to contact us through Dispatch at 612-330-1717.