Norwegian Alumna Looking for Temporary Housing

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Hello! I am seeking lodging, possibly housesitting, in Minneapolis/St. Paul this summer. My name is Anne Elisabeth Ødmann, I live in Norway, and I was 21 when I received the Crown Prince Harald´s Scholarship to study at Augsburg College for the school year 1979-80. I mostly took Music and English classes. I liked it so much that I came back for spring semester of ´81 plus a summer class in ´82. I graduated in Norway later with a degree in Music and in Journalism and Television production. I am an editor in the Norwegian television business and recently I finished working on (the Norwegian edition of) “The Voice”. When I go back I am going to work on (the equivalent to) “Dancing with the Stars” and then “The Voice” again.

For years I have been wanting to come back to Minneapolis and visit, and this summer it is going to happen. I arrive June 15, and I will stay at a friend’s house for a while, but since he lives in New Brighton and buses stop running at 6 PM (!), I need a place much more centrally located, preferably by myself and preferably from June 25-26 through July 29-30, so five weeks.

Does anyone need a housesitter or know about an apartment/studio/room that I could rent? Or sublease someone´s home? Student accommodation that is vacant during the summer? I can pay up to $1000/month (or hopefully less…). And I need it furnished, with at least a bed and a functional kitchen.

My email address is:

Tel: +47 97 08 35 15

Thank you! Anne E. Ødmann