CACE Continuing Ed Leadership Courses Open for Registration

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Checkout these Continuing Ed Leadership Courses from CACE:

Self-Paced Online Course

Foundations For Whole Leadership
Available on-demand
Rooted in Servant Leadership, Seeing Things Whole creates pathways for individuals and organizations to approach success through a multidimensional lens. This introductory course provides an overview of the philosophy and tools to contemplate your leadership practice about your broader impact.

Live-Online (Zoom) Courses

Trauma-Informed Workplace
September 12
A trauma-informed workplace offers a culture of safety and compassion, mindfully avoiding re-traumatization. An expanded definition of trauma includes toxic stress, chronic traumatization, and collective trauma. With this understanding, you can build a resilient workforce by acknowledging and intervening in stress and trauma.

Leading with Curiosity
October 10
In today’s rapidly evolving and complex business landscape, leaders who possess the ability to foster a culture of curiosity are better equipped to navigate uncertainty, drive innovation and cultivate high-performing teams. “Leading with Curiosity” is designed to help leaders develop and enhance their curiosity as a leadership competency.

Boundaries, Stress Management, and Self-Care
November 14
All too often, we only think of boundaries when they are being violated. We can help you create an environment that respects and celebrates healthy boundaries, and provide practical exercises for stress management at work.

Communicating in Conflict
December 12
Conflict is inevitable in all organizations and can be an important growth opportunity for individuals and teams. Using Killman’s Model of Conflict we will help you identify conflict management styles, learn to approach conflict with curiosity and effectively communicate through conflict.

The first 10 Augsburg students, staff, and faculty to register with an Augsburg email address receive a 20% discount.

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