Recent Phishing Emails

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Please watch out for two recent phishing emails with the titles “ASSESSMENT REVIEW REPORT FOR ALL MEMBERS” and “FREE DOWNSIZING AND GIVEAWAY ITEMS FOR ALL STUDENTS / STAFFS.”  The first email in particular tries to trick you into entering your password into an online form.  The second email is trying to get money from you.

In both cases you should mark them as spam to train Google’s spam filter.  If you are concerned that the first email did trick you then you should change your password on Inside Augsburg – under “Account Utilities.” 

Also, pay close attention when you get Duo pushes on your phone. Duo tells you the location from where the push originated. A strange location is a red flag. If you’re not expecting a push you should deny it and change your password. That means someone is trying to login to your account.

If IT or Google detects your account has been compromised it will be disabled and you will need to contact IT to get access again.  Students can contact the Tech Desk for help and faculty and staff can contact the LFCs for help.