Weekly eLearning Update – Gradebooks

submitted by hadjiyanis@augsburg.edu

Here we are in October and it’s time to think about Gradebooks!

You are always welcome to connect with your LFC (Liaison for Computing) or your IDT for help with gradebooks. We won’t be running the usual email campaign for gradebook checkups. But, if you would like support, we are here for you.

This week’s eLearning update is presented on Google Slides. It covers:
– Navigating the Gradebook
– Polishing Your Gradebook
– Extra Credit and Other Points to Consider
– Viewing the Gradebook

Please view the attached Moodle Gradebook Presentation with important information that will help you ensure your gradebook structure is built to accommodate your course activities.

NOTE: this is a *condensed* version of the weekly update we email directly to all faculty.
For additional support, contact your LFC or IDT (Instructional Design Technologist). https://sites.augsburg.edu/it/get-help/faculty-and-staff-support-lfcs/

Moodle Gradebook Presentation