Zen Buddhist Insights for Self-Awareness, Mental Health, and Wellness with Busshō Lahn

submitted by truesmit@augsburg.edu

Join Interfaith at Augsburg for the next Interfaith Forum, a presentation and discussion with Busshō Lahn.

The benefits of meditative practices have been intuited for millennia, but now science has clearly observed the connection between mental wellness and curious self-awareness. The practice of mindfulness is now mainstream, and we’re beginning to ask deeper questions about what it really is, and about what it might be able to show us: What is the relationship between our mental health and our spirituality? What do words like compassion and wisdom mean for me in this age of anxiety? How are qualities like resiliency, courage, clarity, and kindness made available to us? In this program, Busshō Lahn draws upon insights from the Zen Buddhist tradition to address possible approaches to these questions based on his new book, Singing and Dancing Are the Voice of the Law (2022). http://listprod.stthomas.edu/t/550460/25509606/50076/15/?575396a8=MjAyM19GYWxsX1ByZXZpZXcgOS8yLzIwMjMgMToxMTo0OCBQTQ%3d%3d&x=817b1a38.

Event Details:
Thursday, October 12th, 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Oren Gateway Center, Room 114