GenEd Curriculum – Working Draft

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The GenEd(it) Group, convened in February 2023 and charged to finalize a set of proposed revisions to our undergraduate general education curriculum by December 2023, is excited to share an initial draft of proposed revisions to our general education curriculum. The proposed revisions outlined in the Working Draft (linked below) adhere to accreditation and State standards for general education, align with Augsburg’s mission and the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, and are consistent with recommended best practices in general education.

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The General Education Advisory Group (aka GenEd(it) Group)
Amanda Case, Kristen Chamberlain, Jennie Diaz, George Dierberger, Darcey Engen, Merilee Klemp, Elaine Eschenbacher, Salma Caamir, Marah Jacobson, James Vela-McConnell, Stacy Freiheit, GenEd Director (


Working Draft:

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