Get Fruits and Veg Delivered to Your Home Weekly with Brightside Produce

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Brightside Produce, a non-profit started by community youth workers and St. Thomas Biology Professor Adam Kay, strives to eliminate food insecurity in urban areas by bridging communities through people and produce. Brightside provides weekly produce delivery to corner stores in neighborhoods that lack access to large markets as well as providing weekly home deliveries.

When you sign up for weekly local produce deliveries part of the fee will help stock the corner store shelves of our most food-insecure neighborhoods with affordable fresh produce. The simple act of getting a delivery subscription helps community members get reliable access to affordable fresh produce!

Weekly deliveries are available for $16 (small) or $25 (for larger households) and include add-ons like farm fresh eggs and locally roasted coffee. To learn more about Brightside, sign up for delivery, or make a donation to support their work you can visit their website: