New Student Position: Student: Writing Center Tutor, Spring 2024

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Augsburg Writing Center Tutor

Writing Center tutors will work with fellow Augsburg students, individually or in small groups, to

provide guidance and assistance in writing for courses in any discipline, at all stages of the writing process. Tutors may also work with students on extra-curricular writing such as applications, personal statements, and creative work. The purpose of our Writing Center work is to help students build their skills, their confidence, and their comfort level as writers and as students. As a part of this center, tutors will learn about writing in both practical and theoretical terms—as a way of thinking, a means of communicating with others, and a practice that varies across disciplines and across social and cultural conditions, also reaching into the practical aspects of one’s career. Additionally, as members of the Writer Center team, tutors are required to attend regular meetings for continuing education and discussions about Center business.


– Assist, individually or (occasionally) in small groups, students who seek help with their writing for a minimum of 5 hours a week
– Attend biweekly mandatory meetings prepared, having read or written any assigned material
– Attend two Staff workshops per academic year
– Assist in ongoing tasks (e.g., greeting students, collating data, keeping the space clean and orderly) to ensure the Center runs smoothly and efficiently
– As time allows during shifts, assist with creating Writing Center materials, conducting relevant research, marketing materials, and helping with projects such as designing the center space, assessment, and building connections across the campus community.
– Present Writing Center orientations (in the Center or in classes) on occasion
– Adhere to Writing Center policies and enforce Center rules
– Refer students to other campus resources when appropriate
– Meet with the Center Director as part of ongoing tutor evaluation and complete self-evaluations
– Maintain payroll and Center data records thoroughly and on time
– May also have opportunities to participate in specialty student and faculty development workshops
– Commit to ongoing education to improve tutoring techniques and enhance culturally responsive teaching practices

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