GenEd(it) Working Draft Feedback Survey

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Dear Augsburg Community,

We invite your feedback! Please share your perspectives and recommendations about the Working Draft of a revised general education curriculum in this brief, 5-10 minute, anonymous online GenEd(it) Working Draft Feedback Survey by November 3rd. Feedback from faculty, staff and students is critically important as we finalize the general education revision proposal due this December.

Working Draft:

GenEd(it) Working Draft Feedback Survey:

A special thanks to everyone who has offered feedback during recent workshops and meetings. Next steps on the general education revision initiative include developing and refining learning outcomes for each of the proposed general education requirements in consultation with faculty/staff. Details are forthcoming.

We are deeply grateful for your engagement and feedback.

With thanks,
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The General Education Advisory Group (aka GenEd(it) Group)
Amanda Case, Kristen Chamberlain, Jennie Diaz, George Dierberger, Darcey Engen/ Merilee Klemp, Elaine Eschenbacher, Salma Caamir, Marah Jacobson, James Vela-McConnell, Stacy Freiheit

GenEd(it) Comment Box:

Summary of NEW comments and those received so far:

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