Next Steps for Gen Ed Revision Proposal

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Dear Augsburg Community,

The 2023 General Education Revision proposal has received support in the initial stages of the shared governance process. Both the Academic Affairs Committee and the Faculty Senate voted in support of the proposed revisions. We are grateful to AAC co-chairs Ana Ribiero, HPE, and Jacob Enger, Business, to Faculty Senate President Bridget Robinson-Riegler, Psychology, and to the entire AAC and Faculty Senate committees for their thorough and detailed review of the proposal.

2023 General Education Revision Proposal:

Overview of the shared governance process:
January: Academic Affairs Committee vote (6 in support; 0 opposed; 1 abstention)
February: Faculty Senate vote (10 in support; 1 opposed; 0 abstentions)
March: Faculty first reading
April: Faculty second reading and vote
May: Board of Regents vote

Do you have questions about the 2023 General Education Revision proposal? If so, please plan to attend the Focused Conversation on Tuesday, February 20th, from 12-1pm in the Marshall Room. We hope to see you there!

With gratitude,
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The General Education Advisory Group (aka GenEd(it) Group)
Amanda Case, Kristen Chamberlain, Jennie Diaz, George Dierberger, Darcey Engen, Salma Caamir, Marah Jacobson, James Vela-McConnell, Stacy Freiheit (GenEd Director)

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