Zander DiPaola Looking for Student to Be Backup PCA $13 an Hour

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Hi my name is Zander DiPaola I am a sophomore who is in a wheelchair and I am looking for someone who can be my back up PCA this job Will entail you coming to my dorm for 20 to 40 minutes and doing such things as filling water bottles feeling containers making a bed and refilling a humidifier don’t expect this job to take that long and I am very flexible so you can come at any time that you would need on the day that I tell you. the pay starts at $13 an hour usually $13 a day as you will not be working for longer than an hour. please contact me if you have any questions I will clarify and answer any question you have or If you would like to schedule an interview for the job by texting me at (612)430-3233 Or emailing me at