Augsburg Total Wellness: Register for the Common Cents Campaign

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When it comes to financial wellness, there are few quick fixes. Taking the long view will pay dividends down the road and help you minimize the stress that often results when your financial house is not in order. Ultimately, this enhances your overall health and wellbeing, and improves life satisfaction. The Common Cents campaign is here to help you get your financial house in order!

REGISTER by July 16th at the following link:

What: 4 weeks for daily and weekly challenges aimed at helping you make healthy financial choices—the goal is to earn 3,000 points for the full 4 weeks!

Who: Faculty and Staff

When: July 17th through August 11th

Where: Anywhere! Keep track of your work with the Challenge Ledger

How: Earn points for completing daily challenges and weekly activities

-100 points for ANYTHING that helps you avoid a cost that has become a regular in your life
-250 points for completing each of the 4 weekly “long view” worksheets in the participant packet

Registration is required for participation. Detailed information and weekly reminders will be sent to registered participants beginning on July 11th. For questions, concerns, or requests for accommodation, please contact Nicole at