Schield Says New Standards Promote Statistical Literacy

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Milo Schield, Professor of Business Administration, had his invited editorial (GAISE 2016 Promotes Statistical Literacy) featured in a special Statistical Literacy issue of statistical education’s premier journal: SERJ. GAISE are the guidelines for teaching introductory statistics. In the GAISE 2016 update, multivariate data and confounding were added as important topics. Milo has argued that confounding, alternate explanations and hypothetical thinking are what connect statistics to the liberal arts. In his editorial, he asserted that by adding confounding this update is “the biggest change in statistical education in decades” and “has done more to advance the cause of statistical literacy than
any previous paper, book, group or committee.” According to Google Scholar, Milo’s papers have been cited over one thouand times. Milo was the principle investigator in the 2001 grant Augsburg received from the W. M. Keck Foundation to promote statistical literacy as an interdisciplinary curriculum.