New Copiers Installed This Week

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New copiers will be installed around campus this week. If you have a Canon copier in your area, it will be replaced by a Sharp copier, and there are a few HP printers being replaced by Sharp copiers. I think you will like the pull-out keyboard (in addition to the touchscreen) if you scan to other e-mail addresses and add a subject or notes to your scan. I think you will also appreciate the ease of using your fob to access the copier rather than entering a code, and having a one-touch button to scan to your e-mail. Not all FOBs may work right away; loggin in with your employee ID number may be required temporarily, so yo umay want to look that up if you don’t know it! Training will be provided at the machine as soon as it is installed. You can share that training with others in your area who are not available or call the Copy Center at x1054 afterward to schedule follow-up training.

Installation schedule:
Monday, August 14 – Christensen Center, Urness, Mortensen
Tuesday, August 15 – Lindell Library, Oren Gateway Center
Wednesday, August 16 – Anderson Hall, Memorial Hall
Thursday, August 17 – Science, Sverdrup
Friday, August 18 – Foss, Music, Si-Melby, Kennedy, Ice Arena, Luther Seminary, and Rochester

Note that the Copy Center will be getting new machines too, so there may be a time early in the week where response time to your copy requests may be delayed.