Student Employment Information for 2017-2018 AY

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If you are planning on having student employees during the academic year, please be sure to review the information below regarding student positions.

Steps to follow when hiring a student worker:

1) Students returning into a position they held previously (‘returning students’) will only need a Student Employment Hire Form submitted through Hirezon/Interview Exchange.

2) Looking for a student worker to hire? Any new position will need to be posted through Human Resources to the internal student jobs board. Student Requisitions can be submitted though Hirezon/Interview Exchange. Once it’s submitted, we will post the position online. Hiring managers will be able to view applications in real time through the system.

3) When you’ve selected a student to hire, complete the Student Employment Hire Form through Hirezon/Interview Exchange. Students who have never worked on campus before (‘new student employees’) will need to fill out additional new hire paperwork, including a background check, before they are authorized to work.

4) Do not start a student unless they have completed HR paperwork and the background check. New student employees will be sent a background check request and paperwork once the Student Employment Hire Form is submitted. If you have any questions about whether a student is authorized to work, please contact Human Resources.

Instructions for navigating Hirezon/Interview Exchange can be found at this link:

As in previous years, international students and students who are eligible for federal or state work study will be given hiring priority through October. This is a part of the student’s financial aid package, therefore, we want to ensure each student awarded work study funds is able to work an on-campus position. Beginning November 1, students not awarded work study may be eligible for on-campus employment.

Questions? Email HR at or 612-330-1058.