How you can help prevent crime at Augsburg

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You Can Help Prevent Crime at Augsburg!

-Trust Your Instincts – If you sense trouble, get away

-Be Observant and Aware – Remain alert, be aware of your surroundings, observe the other people around you. Know who is around you. Be alert for suspicious behavior (e.g. a person wearing a long coat in the middle of summer).

-Walk Confidently and Do Not Make Yourself a Target – Robbers are looking for an easy target. Keep your head up and eyes alert and walk at a steady pace. Do not walk while looking at your phone and avoid carrying lots of packages or other belongings. Walk in groups whenever possible.

-If You are Robbed – Do your best to stay calm and remember: safety first! Follow the robber’s directions, but do not volunteer more than asked for. If you have to move, tell the robber what you are doing and why. Try to get a good look at the robber so you can describe them later. Give the robber time to leave and note the direction they travel.

-After a Robbery – CALL DPS OR THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY. Try to recall as much as you can about the robber including physical description, clothing, speech and mannerisms.

-Notify DPS of any concerning or suspicious activity immediately.

For more information on crime prevention, please contact the department of Public Safety by emailing