Faith & Doubt at Cedar Commons

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Faith & Doubt
Thursday, March 8th 6:30-8:30pm

This week we’re gathering for a meal and discussion about Doubt. A source of confusion or shame for some, and a route to liberation or valuable wrestling for others, we want to explore this part of the human experience. Is it good? Bad? Useful? Scary? Important?

What’s your relationship to faith and doubt? How do you navigate seasons where things that used to be clear for you, become more fuzzy and you have more questions than things about which you feel certain? Looking forward to the sharing of experiences and rich discussion.

6:30 Food and Speakers
7:30 Discussion

**Dinner (Pizza Luce) will be provided!**

Hosted by: Augsburg Interfaith Scholars and Interfaith @ Cedar Commons

[Cedar Commons: 2001 Riverside Ave. S, below Trinity)