Support for Associate Professor Mzenga Wanyama

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Following is excerpted from yesterday’s email to faculty, staff and students regarding Associate Professor Mzenga Wanyama. The link provides updated information about the meeting today, March 9. Some of the information posted on social media yesterday was inaccurate, so please use the link below for the most recent information:

“[Yesterday], we learned that Professor Wanyama in our English department is facing a hearing with the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office tomorrow.  This is distressing news for all of us.  Mzenga is a valuable friend and colleague.  He and his family are important members of our community.

Many of you are asking what we might do to help.  We have marshalled our resources to provide both legal and personal support for Mzenga. To learn more, please go to this shared Google doc.

I know that we all stand with Mzenga and his family because that is what the Augsburg community does – for which I am most grateful!

Faithfully yours,


Paul C. Pribbenow, Ph.D.
Augsburg University