Letter of support for Mzenga Wanyama/carpooling information for letter delivery

submitted by reinhard@augsburg.edu

As of Thursday morning, we have been informed of the following action taken by Senators Klobuchar & Smith:

“Senators Klobuchar and Smith have reached out to the Department of State during the week of May 7 to request that the agency expedite the case and have agreed to continue to do this until a decision on Dr. Wanyama’s waiver application is issued.”

In light of this news, we still plan to complete our letter-signing campaign today at 12:30 p.m.. As a continued sign of support for Professor Wanyama and Mary Mzenga, we will then hand-deliver the letters to Senator Klobuchar’s office Friday afternoon, along with a letter of thanks for the action they have taken thus far.

We are excited to say that we already have 131 letters signed. Can you help us get to 150 or 200?

Where you can sign the letter:

1. We will be in the atrium of Hagfor’s Center before and after most of the 4 Days in May workshops. Look for us and/or the letters at the table outside of Hagfors 150.

2. Copies of the letter to be signed and a reference sheet with phone numbers that one can call are on the counter in Judi Green’s office. Signed letters can be left in a folder there or can be left directly with Judi. We will pick up the letters at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, 5/11.

You are invited to join us as we hand-deliver these letters to Senator Klobuchar’s office on Friday afternoon. More information on carpooling or joining us at the Senator’s office can be found by following a link at the bottom of this announcement. We’d love to have a big group deliver these – all are welcome.

Information on Mzenga’s case:


Thank you for your continued support of Professor and Mary Wanyama.

Please direct your questions to:
Sarah Degner Riveros, riveross@augsburg.edu
Kate Reinhardt, reinhard@augsburg.edu

Sign up here to carpool/meet at Senator’s office