National Bike To Work Week: Know the Law

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Auggies, it’s National Bike to Work Week from May 14-18th. I am calling all faculty and staff, who are able, to ride your bike to work during the week of May 14-18!

Before you begin bicycling, or as a refresher, be prepared to share the road and know the laws regarding safe bicycling in Minnesota. It’s important to know these rules as a motorist, as well!

1. Bicyclists may ride on all Minnesota Roads, except where restricted.
2. Bicyclists should ride on the road, and must ride in the same direction as traffic.
3. Motorists must at all times maintain a three-foot clearance when passing a bicyclist.
4. Bicyclists must obey all traffic control signs and signals.
5. Motorists and bicyclists must yield the right-of-way to each other.
6. Bicyclists must signal their turns and should ride in a predictable manner.
7. Bicyclists must use headlight and rear reflectors when it is dark. To increase visibility, add a rear flashing light.
8. Bicyclists should always wear helmets.

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Join me and fellow colleagues in cycling to work; post a picture and use hashtag #TakeARide2018 on your choice of social media as proof and inspiration to others. I encourage you all to promote group bike rides, repair sessions, and coordinate meet-ups to help spread the word during this week, and beyond.

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