Survey for 2018-2019 Senior Show

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In short, my senior show is a requirement for my graphic design degree. My show will take form in a series of twenty short books that will each center around one of you that will be exhibited in the student gallery in Christensen Center that is now known as Gallery 720. The goal of my show is to provide a space where Augsburg community members can connect with one another without a breach of privacy. Each story will be anonymous.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could take 30 minutes out of your busy day to fill out this survey ( As a sign of my gratitude, I will be selecting three of the responses that I find the most compelling, raw, and in depth and giving those respondents a $25 gift card. Again, I will not be putting names on the books so you can be completely honest. The winners will be emailed September 5th, so have your responses in by September 1st.

My Survey