Welcome TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge Class of 2018

submitted by vangj2@augsburg.edu

Twenty-three new TRIO/SSS Summer Bridgers moved into the residential halls yesterday and to begin their degree at Augsburg! These first-year students were selected from a large pool of applicants to participate in the 17th year of TRIO Summer Bridge which will run from Sunday, July 8th – Thursday, August 9th, 2018.

Summer Bridge students will be taking REL 100: Christian Vocation and the Search for Meaning with Dr. Mark Tranvik, and COM 111: Introduction to Public Speaking with Dr. Robert Groven. Students will also participate in Supplemental Instruction sessions, attend workshops to learn more about Augsburg University and college life, and take part in social and cultural enrichment activities.

The Summer Bridge program and TRIO/SSS are jointly funded by the U.S. Department of Education and Augsburg University. Additional funding is provided by the Minnesota Department of Education and the USDA Summer Food Service Program. Augsburg University generally provide Summer Bridge Promise Grants to students upon successful completion of the TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge program! Students will be required to fulfill additional requirements throughout the school year as part of the Summer Bridge Promise Grant. A great deal of appreciation goes to everyone who continues to help us make this program a huge success every year!

Eligible students for TRIO/SSS and Summer Bridge must be either first generation, low income, and/or have a documented disability, and meet academic need requirements. Any questions about the program can be directed to the TRIO/SSS office 612-330-1311, e-mail triosss@augsburg.edu, or visit our webpage at http://www.augsburg.edu/triosss. Please help us welcome the 2018 TRIO/SSS Summer Bridgers and say hi when you see them on campus.