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URGO Summer Research Conference–Monday, July 23

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Come hear summer researchers present their research projects!

STEM–Hagfors 105
SSHA–Hagfors 151

Monday, July 23:

12:30: STEM Fields
Emily Chapman
Urea-Catalyzed Biginelli Reactions via Microwave Irradiation
Seahk Menheer
The Effect of Ammonia on Particle Formation
Isaiah Ripley
Dental Polymers: Optimization and Exploration of Polymer

12:30: Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts
Olivia House
Where Are All the Black Designers? We’ve Been Here.
Janet Nguyen
Muslim Community Perception of Countering Violent
Extremism Program
Alexa Anderson
Silent Spanking: Analysis of Communication in School
Corporal Punishment

1:45 STEM Fields
Kylie Rischer
The Isolation and Preparation of Intact Active c-Src
Soyome Moya
The Isolation and Preparation of Intact Inactive c-Src
Thomas Le
The Development of Locus-Specific Database (LSDB) for the
Bcr-Abl Oncoprotein

1:45 Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Fields
Maura Gunter
Asserting Authority in a Tale of Victimhood: Analysis of
Ghost Bike Reporting in the Media
Estrella Chavez Ayala
Cast(e) Into Uncertainty: The Role of Stigmas in DACA
Recipients’ Self-Identity
Saira Cervantes Montes
Neither Here nor There: DREAMers’ Self-Identity and How
Citizenship is Experienced

3:00: STEM Fields
Brandon Perez and Andy Hotchkiss
Curve Fitting of Periodically Repeating Functions
Kouseng Yang and Jessica Hing
Neural Correlates of Cognitive Control Across Cortical
Circuits in an Animal Model of Schizophrenia

3:00: Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Fields
Chad Berryman
Talking the Walk: Zapatista Voices on Authority
Erin Thompson
Unconventional Warfare in Korea, 1951-1953
Matthew Berning
Centennial of the Armistice: Monuments and Memorials to
World War I on the Minnesota Homefront

URGO Summer Research Conference –Tues. July 24

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Come hear summer researchers present their projects!
STEM: HC 106
SSHA: HC 151

Tues. July 24 schedule:

12:30: STEM Fields
Zachary Juaire
Relationship between Running Biomechanics, Hip Mobility,
and Knee Injury Risk in Division III Runners
Angelica Diaz-Juarez
The Phytobiomes Associated with Minnesota Populations of
the Wild Strawberry, Fragaria virginiana
Holly Kundel and Maia Crews-Erjavec
Phenological Shift of Canada Darner Emergence in the St.
Croix River Valley, MN

12:30 Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Fields
Oliver Stremple
Exploration of a Case Management Approach at Food
Skye Rygh
Line 3 Pipeline: Environmental Justice and Communication in
Skye Stier
This Isn’t Halloween, this is Self-Expression

1:45: STEM Fields
Brandon Ly and Emily Foley
An Exploration of the Euler-Bernooulli Beam Equation
Discretizations: A Classroom Project
Kei Heltemes
Photoinitiated Kinetics in a Flow-Tube

1:45: Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Fields
Taylor Maness
Effect of Gaining Access to Electricity on Educational
Outcomes in Ghana
Sadie Paulsen
The Restructuring of GM Korea
Jordan Marth (Sociology; Dr. Nancy Rodenborg & Dr. Rebekah
Becoming a Scientist: The Impact of Undergraduate
Research on Graduate School Intent

3:00: STEM Fields
Miranda Ullah and Dametre Thunberg
Fluorescence Microscopy and Image Analysis in Langmuir
Micah Vandersteen and Brent LaMuro
Saving the World at the Nanoscale

3:00: Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Arts
Ryan Moore
“Rewriting the Rules:” Postcolonial Perspectives on
Contemporary Young Adult Literature
Sonja Mischke
Humor as Power in Comedy Memoirs by Women
Emilie Tomas
The Effect of Stereotype Threat on the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure

URGO Summer Research Conference — Wednesday, July 25

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Come hear summer researchers present their projects!

12:30: STEM Fields – Hagfors Center 106
Cohl Dorsey and Jackson Nelson
Artificial Civ: Deep Learning Strategies for Multiplayer Turn-
Based Games
Mohamed Omar
Interpolating Historical Photos with Neural Networks

12:30: STEM Fields– Hagfors Center 151
Aaron Khaimraj
Antioxidant Effects on Daphnia Magna Exposed to Manganese
Eric Perez
Daphnia Magna: Hedgehog Gene Expression throughout
Embryonic Development
Shannon Dale
The Effect of Light Intensity on Daphnia Eye Size

1:45: STEM Fields – Hagfors Center 106
Kayla Cross
Effects of Diet on Sea Urchin Larval Development
Todd Fairbanks, Laura Kundel, and Eric Eldred
The Impact of Aging on Redox Balance in Skeletal Muscles

1:45 STEM Fields – Hagfors Center 151
Brittany Stokes
Artemia Hedgehod Gene Expression: When and Where
Laura Fricke
Artemia Franciscana Hedgehod Gene Expression Throughout
Jamila Mohammed
RNA Interference of the Artemia franciscana Hedgehog Gene

MFA Summer Residency – Readings and Screenings

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The MFA in Creative Writing 2018 Summer Residency will begin on Thursday, July 19 through Sunday, July 29. Please join us in welcoming our group of very talented students and acclaimed writers to campus for this festival of craft talks, workshops, evening readings and more. This summer’s visiting writers include Katelynn Hibbard, winner of the Howling Bird Press Poetry Award; fiction writer Ted Thompson; creative nonfiction writer Kao Kalia Yang, and screenwriter Andrew Rosendorf.

In addition, nine graduating MFA students will be giving public readings of their works: Monica Birrenkott, Allyson Dwyer, Michael Ferraro, Gina Musto, Ciara Hall, Roz Perry, Ryan Purdy, Eric Rasmussen and Robby Steltz.

We invite you to join us for the evening readings/screenings and receptions, at which our visiting writers will be available to sign their works. All are free and open to the public and will be held at 7 p.m. in Sateren Auditorium unless specified otherwise.

Thursday, July 19 – Graduating Writers
Monica Birrenkott, Poetry
Robby Steltz, Playwriting
Ciara Hall, Poetry
Gina Musto, Playwriting
Michael X. Ferraro, Fiction

Friday, July 21
Visiting Creative Nonfiction Writer Kao Kalia Yang

Sunday, July 22
Howling Bird Press Book
Poetry Prize Winner
Katelynn Hibbard
Book Launch Party

Monday, July 23
Visiting Playwright Andrew Rosendorf
(held in Foss Center Theater )

Tuesday, July 24
Visiting Playwright Harrison Rivers

Thursday, July 26
Film Screening of “Waabooz” with
Visiting Screenwriter Wenonah Wilms

Friday, July 27 – Graduating Writers
Eric Rasmussen, Fiction
Allyson Dwyer, Playwriting
Ryan L. Purdy, Fiction
Rosalind Mariah Perry, Poetry
(starting at 7:30 p.m., Sateren Auditorium)

Commuter Student Locker Reservations

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Summer commuter students who are looking to reserve an on-campus locker can do so by sending a reservation request to Campus Activities and Orientation (CAO) using the following link:

Note: Summer 2018 lockers are reserved Monday, May 7, 2018 through Friday, August 17, 2018.

Event Announcements

Central Services Open House Wednesday

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Augsburg University Central Services, managed by Loffler Managed Services, is hosting an open house for everyone to meet and get introduced to our Central Services Staff. All four of the CS staff will be on hand as well as some additional representatives from Loffler.

The open house will be on Wed July 18th in the Augsburg room in the Christensen Center from 2:30-3:30pm. There will be light refreshments/snacks provided.

Central Services operates the Copy/Print Center, Mailroom, Shipping/Receiving and are the first responders for any printer/copier issues on campus at Augsburg.

We look forward to meeting you!

TRIO McNair Summer Research Presentations

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McNair Scholars will present their research projects on Wed., July 18, 10am – 2pm in Hagfors 150. This event is open to the public — feel free to stop by when you can!

Presentations will be 15 minutes in length, with a question and answer period after all presenters in each group have completed presentations.

10:00am – 11:00am
Joel Enriquez Blas: “Age-related changes in emotion facial recognition”
Mentor: Dr. Ben Denkinger, Psychology

Breanne Sande-Martin: “The impact of smartphone notifications and their effect on proofreading accuracy”
Mentor: Dr. Ben Denkinger, Psychology

Gisel Suarez Bonilla: “The Utilization of Evidence-based Practices for Anxiety Disorders: Has it Changed?”
Mentor: Dr. Stacy Freiheit, Psychology

11:00am-11:15am Break

11:15am -12:30pm
Nasro Omar: “The Somali American immigration and assimilation experience: diaspora and global migration”
Mentor: Dr. James Vela-McConnell, Sociology

Sam Rosario: “The effects of hip tightness on running mechanics and the FMS deep squat in NCAA Division III track and field runners”
Mentor: Dr. Ana Ribeiro, Exercise Science

Sunny Thao: “Following the patterns: Exploring the myths of stitching patterns in Hmong textile”
Mentors: Dr. Maheen Zaman, History and Katie Ka Vang, Local Playwright

Cody Thompson: “Exploring community supports for South-Asian women experiencing domestic violence: Narratives from survivors”
Mentor: Dr. Ankita Deka, Social Work

12:30-12:45 Break

12:45pm – 1:45pm
Andy Thao: “Exploration of local field potentials and spiking activity in a genetic model of schizophrenia”
Mentor: Dr. David Crowe, Biology

Anna Vang “Developing a cellular, drug-resistance screen for chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML)”
Mentor: Dr. Nidanie Henderson-Stull, Biology

Salena Yang: “Investigation of toxicity mechanism of cationic diamond nanoparticle (DNP) on Ralstonia sp.”
Mentor: Dr. Vivian Feng, Chemistry

Keeping Track of Auggies

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Attention book lovers

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The library has dozens and dozens of book ends that could use a good home. If you would like some for your office, please contact Mary Hollerich at or x1603. The book ends are all off white in color, metal with a magnetic base to hold them in place, and measure 5″ deep x 9″ high. See photo at

Book ends