URGO Summer Research Conference–July 24

submitted by tetzlafa@augsburg.edu

Tuesday, July 24
12:30: STEM Fields – Hagfors Center 106
Z. Juaire
Relationship between Running Biomechanics, Hip Mobility, and Knee
Injury Risk in Division III Runners
A. Diaz-Juarez
The Phytobiomes Associated with Minnesota Populations of the Wild
Strawberry, Fragaria virginiana
H. Kundel and M. Crews-Erjavec
Phenological Shift of Canada Darner (Aeshna Canadensis) Emergence
in the St. Croix River Valley, MN

12:30 Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Fields – Hagfors Center 151
O. Stremple
Exploration of a Case Management Approach at Food Shelves
S. Rygh
Line 3 Pipeline: Environmental Justice and Communication in
S. Stier
This Isn’t Halloween, this is Self-Expression

1:45: STEM Fields – Hagfors Center 106
Brandon Ly and Emily Foley
An Exploration of the Euler-Bernooulli Beam Equation Discretizations: A
Classroom Project
K. Heltemes (Chemistry; Dr. Amanda Case)
Photoinitiated Kinetics in a Flow-Tube

1:45: Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Fields — Hagfors Center 151
T. Maness
Effect of Gaining Access to Electricity on Educational Outcomes in
S. Paulsen
The Restructuring of GM Korea
J. Marth
Becoming a Scientists: The Impact of Undergraduate Research on
Graduate School Intent

3:00: STEM Fields – Hagfors Center 106
M. Ullah and Dametre Thunberg
Fluorescence Microscopy and Image Analysis in Langmuir
M. Vandersteen and Brent LaMuro
Saving the World at the Nanoscale

3:00: Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Arts – Hagfors Center 151
Ryan Moore (Education; Dr. Rachel Lloyd)
“Rewriting the Rules:” Postcolonial Perspectives on Contemporary
Young Adult Literature
Sonja Mischke
Humor as Power in Comedy Memoirs by Women

Emilie Thomas (Psychology; Dr. Dave Matz)

The effect of Stereotype Threat on the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure