URGO Summer Research Conference–July 25

submitted by tetzlafa@augsburg.edu

Wednesday, July 25
12:30: STEM Fields – Hagfors Center 106
C. Dorsey and J. Nelson
Artificial Civ: Deep Learning Strategies for Multiplayer Turn-Based
M. Omar
Interpolating Historical Photos with Neural Networks

12:30: STEM – Hagfors Center 151
A. Khaimraj
Antioxidant Effects on Daphnia Magna Exposed to Manganese
E. Perez
Daphnia Magna: Hedgehog Gene Expression throughout Embryonic
S. Dale
The Effect of Light Intensity on Daphnia Eye Size

1:45: STEM fields– Hagfors Center 106
K. Cross
Effects of Diet on Sea Urchin Larval Development
T. Fairbanks, L. Kundel, and E. Eldred
The Impact of Aging on Redox Balance in Skeletal Muscles

1:45 STEM fields– Hagfors Center 151
B. Stokes (Biology; Dr. Matt Beckman)
Artemia Hedgehod Gene Expression: When and Where
L. Fricke
Artemia Franciscana Hedgehod Gene Expression Throughout
J. Mohammed
RNA Interference of the Artemia franciscana Hedgehog Gene